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005   -     £110
Ready-to-run (r.t.r.) as pictured. 175, 201, and 223mm long.
Chassis are symmetrical about 78mm wheel ctrs with 32mm dia.  steel wheels.
The chassis are all metal construction and are powered by a 12 to 24v stacked geared motor with a bevel gear final drive.
Overall width r.t.r. is 87mm. Dual Gauge, height is 43mm, and centre buffer height is 24mm above rail.
weight (201) 680grms.
006   -     £160  
     A 6 coupled version with additional jackshaft.
Overall length is 233mm,  width is 87mm. 40 + 40 (80mm) wheelbase, 32mm dia. steel wheels,
overall height 43mm, buffer height is 24mm above rail.
009A    -   £85
       Standard r.t.r. bogie, 60mm wheel ctrs. with 28mm dia. steel wheels, dual gauge.
  Length 96mm max width 73mm and pivot height 25mm above rail, max height above rail 84mm.
Weight 396grms.
   Powered by a 12-24v geared motor with bevel gear final drive.
010A  -  £105
       RL Chassis 62mm wheelbase with 30mm dia. steel wheels, dual gauge.
Length 164mm, width 87mm over buffer beams, height above rails 38mm.
12-24v. motor with stacked gearbox and delrin chain drive to both axles.  
010C as above but 187mm long with 90mm wheel centres.  -    £110
Dick kerr  -  £145  
All metal construction, with 39.5mm dia. steel wheels.
Bevel gear drive to both axles, chain drive between geared motor (12-24v, 30:1 ratio) and layshaft.
Length 198mm, wheel centres 88mm, 32mm gauge.
Weight 566grms.
Avonside  -  £110
        RTR chassis for Avonside 25hp loco.
All metal construction.
Bevel gear drive to rear axle, drive to all 4 steel wheels via cranks and side rods
.(12-24v. geared motor, 30:1 ratio).
175mm long over buffers, 56mm wheel centres, 78mm wide over buffer beams.
Bachman Davenport Chassis  -  £150
 All metal construction, r.t.r., dual gauge.
Powerful 5pole motor 6-15v fitted with sintered metal gears and bearings, bevel gear final drive.
Plain steel wheels can be changed to insulated for a £4 surcharge.
Overall length 193mm, Overall width 98mm, height above rail 40mm, weight 0.9kg.
Also suitable for small 7/8" scale loco!
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